How to Choose the Right Santa Cruz Architects for Your Commercial Project

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Choosing the Right Santa Cruz Architects

Looking for the right Santa Cruz Architects to design your commercial construction project? Here’s what you need to look for in a top pick.


A civilization’s architecture is something that lasts for generations. It leaves an imprint on the world that will outlast us all. From the Romans to early 20th Century America, we’ve made great strides in how we design buildings. But to have such incredible worlds built by human hands, we actually have to train and hire people to design those worlds.

Santa Cruz architects have created a wonderful space here on the Monterey Bay. And when looking for architects to design your building, you want the very best Santa Cruz has to offer. Which is why we’re here to help you. Let’s look at how to go about choosing from all the Santa Cruz architects for your project.

Shop For Quotes From Santa Cruz Architects

You wouldn’t just walk up to a store shelf and just blindly grab a product. Most people don’t do that, anyway. You would compare prices. Of course, Santa Cruz Architects aren’t just sitting on the shelf with price tags pinned to their shirts. But you can find multiple architects online and request quotes for the projects you need done. Don’t just take the first Architect that comes along. Santa Cruz architects are plenty. And some might give you a better price.

Rely On Reviews For Santa Cruz Architects

The best way to find out if someplace is worth its salt is by word of mouth. And customer satisfaction is a big deal in any business. Ask the firm or architect for a list of previous clients. Santa Cruz architects usually keep a list. And then interview the people in question. If people were satisfied with the work and no problems arose, you have a fine architect or firm on your hands.

Ask The Santa Cruz Architects About Current Projects

How busy are they?  Of course, there is more than enough work to go around for architects. But you want someone who is going to put your project on top. If they are taking on too many projects and have little time for you, then move on. If they can handle a decent sized load while still keeping your project as a priority, even better.

Ask For The Santa Cruz Architects’ Portfolio

You have to have a portfolio to even land a job in the architect world. But do they have actual buildings that are still standing? Most Santa Cruz architects should be able to answer in the affirmative. If you’ve been in the world of architecture for any length of time, you should be able to point to a building and say, “There’s my work.” If they can’t do this, be wary. Ask for actual addresses. Ask for the names of the project managers who worked with them. Ask for contractors who worked alongside the architect.


Finding the right architect is about how they work in a team. Make sure you chose a team player who is willing to both give you their vision and be open to yours. If you’re looking for a great set of Santa Cruz Architects for your project, consider Michael Helm & Associates. They’ll get the job done right the first time. And, as always, design comes first.