5 Ways to Find an Architect You Can Rely On

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What can a reliable architect do for you?

An architect is necessary to the completion of any building project you have in mind.

When you find the right architect, their skill set enhances the design and construction of your project.

By working with a reliable architect, you’re handing over your project to someone with the right education, training, and experience to oversee the functional needs of your assignment.

So, how do you find an architect you can rely on?


1. Find the Right Firm 

You’ll need a firm that meets your design and service requirements.

A great firm brings a combination of experience and interest to their projects. You can catch a glimpse of this in our galleries.

Different firms also have different staff members on board to consult an array of engineering challenges. These staff members can vary from structural, mechanical, or electrical engineers.

Before consulting, ask what the firm can provide you with and how their designs can please you.


2. Look for the Right Credentials 

A great architect should have fantastic referrals.

Why? Most professionals have some sort of reputation. Ask people you trust (such as business colleagues, family, friends, etc.) if they know of any good firms on the market.

Don’t know anyone who has worked with an architect before? No problem.

The Institute of Architects (AIA) is a reliable source to find an architect. As an accredited institution, they work with the best architects on the market and hold them to high standards.


3. Interview Your Candidates 

Once you’ve generated a list of potential architects to work for you, make them pitch themselves to you.

Arrange an appointment with an architect’s office to discuss your project. Determine if you like the firm before you hire them for the job.

There are tons of talking points to use during an interview with a potential firm.

• Consult what they offer
• Discuss the layout of the project
• Negotiate their fees
• Find out if you’re compatible together

It’s important to be thorough when selecting someone for the job. By creating a positive relationship and discussing the interests with the architect, you’re honing in on a functioning exchange.


4. Discuss How the Firm Will Collect its Program Information

This is another great interview question you’ll want the firm to elaborate on.

The first step to starting the whole process is the design. The architect should give you a thorough list of requirements before moving forward.

It’s the architect’s job to know what to consider when building a project, and you’ll need to ensure they meet this requirement.

Ask the architect about the design process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand. The last thing you want is to be halfway through the process, wondering what your architect is doing and confused about an expensive bill.


5. Find an Architect Who Communicates Well

Does the architect reply fast to your calls and emails?

How often do you plan on meeting up?

Many firms connect office visits with a financial figure. So, be sure to find out if that’s the case.

When establishing great communication with your architect, you’re setting standards for the both of you to uphold when completing the project.

If communication skills help businesses grow, imagine the outcome you can have with a reliable architect who can communicate.


Tired of Looking? 

We would love to establish a line of communication and help you find an architect to provide you with the services you need!

With dozens of years working with the AIA and happy clients, we know how to create a final product worthy of your time.