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Commercial Architecture’s New Architectural Trends in Santa Cruz, CA

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Improving your office building is crucial to your business for the long haul. This process requires an understanding of architecture.

There are several new architectural trends that you will want to key in on that can help you. By understanding the changes that many architects are honing in on, you will be able to let your creative juices flow.

If this is what you are interested in, follow the tips below and reach out to some architectural firms that can help you out.

The New Architectural Trend of Relaxed, Outside the Box Setups

As Millennials have come of age, it is clear that they are dictating the way businesses run.

Millennials want things like remote work, travel opportunities, and freelance. Likewise, expect to see new architectural trends that cater to the way these employees prefer to work.

In 2018 and beyond, you should expect to see architects creating relaxed atmospheres. You will see floating chairs, better lighting, game rooms, and a living room environment that allows for breaks and downtime.

Offices influenced by the Industrial Revolution are being phased out. These offices had cubicles, sterile settings and were more like an assembly line. Today, people want to be comfortable where they work, both regarding stress levels and productivity.

A creative work environment will allow you to get what you need out of your office, which is these architectural trends are important.

Look For Eco-Friendly Buildings

Today, you are getting left behind if you do not stick to green-friendly principles.

People are seeking LEED certifications for their companies because of the tax benefits and overall good PR. There are several measures you can take that will make your building eco-friendly, which will also save you lots of money.

For example, you can add eco-friendly windows to your building to block out harsh UV sun rays, which also increases visibility. People tend to have better moods when they work with clear views of the sun, and you will not have to use as much electricity lighting your building.

It is also important that you install HVAC fixtures that will waste less energy in your building.

Utilize Invisible Design and High-Tech Architecture

When it comes to today’s architectural trends, invisibility and technology are definitely in.

Designers are using glass, mirrors, and less metal to create a pleasing aesthetic with their commercial architecture. It is also critical to turn to technology that will keep your business building on the cutting edge.

A set of solar panels can revitalize any commercial building. Glass, mirrors and other chic designs can also set you apart.

Speak to architects that know how to mix efficiency with art.

Touch Base With Architects That Can Help

If you need help with new architectural trends, it is vital that you turn to pros that can assist you. Our firm will gladly help you out when this is what you need.

Touch base with us to learn more about what we can provide. We will happily offer you a consultation, in addition to estimates on the services that we offer.

Michael Helm is a recognized leader in the architectural design and consultation fields. He has more than twenty-four years experience and more than 200 projects to his credit. He has extensive experience with demanding projects and enjoys a high level of success and comfort working with clients, design and construction teams.