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Top 3 Architectural Trends We’re Loving Right Now

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Architecture is one of the greatest forms of art.

Unlike a photograph or a painting, homes and buildings can be both functional and captivating.

Architecture’s main purpose is to create physical structures. However, people have the opportunity to build creatively.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater is a perfect example of how creative thinking can influence a project.

Much like fine art, the architecture industry experiences trends that take over from time to time. Some are as minor as simply utilizing strange colors. Others go as far as using unconventional materials for the project.

Trends that are popular enough to catch on have one thing in common: they make for breathtaking structures.

Read on to discover the top three architectural trends to keep an eye out for.


Minimalism has been around for centuries and for good reason. There is something visually pleasing about clean, simple architecture.

There is a current trend of sleek, cool tones (think white or beige) combined with structural symmetry. An entire room may have only two colors.

It creates a very modern appearance but doesn’t look like something out of a sterile futuristic society. When the whole room looks clean and neutral, any accents thrown in automatically stand out.

Imagine wooden oak floors and a kitchen that consists of white and gray. Now imagine a red chair at the bar.

There are plenty of other opportunities for subtle color. Rugs, drapes, and even custom faucets can give the room a little more life and character.

There is a fine line, though, between making a room look minimalist and making it appear empty. Surface texture plays a huge role here.

Garden Studios

These architectural trends are partly convenience and partly space conservation. The biggest motivator is the desire to work from one’s backyard.

In large cities, particularly Brooklyn, is where you’ll find this fad taking over.

When completed, the garden studio looks like a modern, inhabitable shed (in a good way). It’s even complete with electricity and air conditioning. Quite literally, you could run a small company out of one of these.

The garden structures aren’t limited to only studios. They could also function as guest houses or other storage areas.

However, we agree that the studios tend to look the coolest. Plus, the garden atmosphere right outside your window is a nice bonus.

Invisible Buildings

Some architects have been using mirrored walls and windows. It creates a camouflage effect that conceals their buildings.

In fact, architects are doing this so well that it’s sometimes difficult at first glance to tell if anything is there at all.

The mirrored surfaces reflect the environment around it. As a result, these mirrors turn multi-floor office buildings into part of the surrounding hills and trees. Buildings in rural areas will stand out less against the landscape.

While unconventional, the invisible buildings function just like any other. It’s just a bit harder to see at first.

Creative architects, like these, are the ones that you want to hire. To find out what we can do for you, contact us today.

Michael Helm is a recognized leader in the architectural design and consultation fields. He has more than twenty-four years experience and more than 200 projects to his credit. He has extensive experience with demanding projects, and enjoys a high level of success and comfort working with clients, design and construction teams.